The Problem of Losing Stomach Fat Easily

I know this is ridiculous. I’m a psychologist, for goodness sake. There is no reason to allow my weight to cancel out the pleasure of my achievements. If a patient said things like this, I’d spend a great deal of time focusing on her unrealistic expectations of herself. I would encourage her to examine the distorted ways in which she evaluates her successes and failures. But the process of losing stomach fat is always so much more difficult when I’m dealing with myself. 

MY FIRST BELLY LOSS EASY DIET, at the age of 13, consisted of tomato juice and cucumbers, which doubled as a facial mask. Still plumped with the baby fat that precedes puberty, my friends and I had fasting contests. All of the articles in all of the teen magazines we read not only reinforced our discomfort with our appearance but also implied that it was possible to totally control our weight, provided we did the right things. 

This was a theory I was almost predestined to disprove. With few exceptions, the people in my family are of average height, with medium to stocky builds. As an FBI agent, my father was forced to be vigilant about his weight. Physical exams and weigh-ins were conducted several times a year. Regardless of muscle ratio, if agents didn’t fall within the rigid weight requirements, their tenure was threatened.

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Imperfect beauty. Weight loss in one week.

In my fantasy, I am slim, long legged, and drope-dead gorgeous. In reality, I am at war with my body. Why I can’t be happy with an Imperfect Beauty?

I REMEMBER THE VERY FIRST TIME I looked in the mirror and disliked my reflection. All of a sudden there was too much of me. I was 11 years old, on the brink of adolescence. The straight angles of my lean body were changing right on schedule. I was becoming round. But I was neither prepared nor pleased. Until that time I cared only that my body was strong and fast. Suddenly my concerns shifted from how my body worked to how my body looked. Over the next few years I came to equate growing up with getting fat. And I learned to hate my body. 

It is a lesson that has been hard to unlearn. As an adult, I have come to accept the fact that my singing voice will never threaten Whitney Houston and my kindness will never rival Mother Teresa’s. My childhood goal of becoming brilliant has eased into a pleasure and peace with being pretty smart. Those adjustments have been relatively painless. But where my weight is concerned, there is no such acceptance. The little kid in my head is stuck in a conflict that traps so many women. I still evaluate my body using one of just two dimensions: fat or thin. Fat is always bad, and thin is always good. It’s as simple and painful as that. 

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Losing Belly Fat Fast Is On My Mind

Have you ever compiled your New Year’s resolutions without listing “lose weight” as number one or two? That’s what I thought—and neither have I. No matter what size we are, most of us want to drop a few. (That’s why we started a monthly column to bring you the latest findings on what really works—this month, page 33.) And as you head into 2008, we’re delivering another big boost. In “The Single Best Way to Lose Weight and Belly Fat Fast”, we looked at all the research out there to find the most effective tool of all. Here’s the kicker—it’s not what you eat, and it’s not exercise (what a relief). It’s what you write. Jotting down every bite makes you increasingly aware of what you’re eating. And when you’re more in tune with that, you tend to make smarter choices. The extra weight drops off and is more likely to stay off—as long as you keep writing.

Why does a food diary work so well? Because it keeps you in the moment—and requires you to make a judgment call (do I want this enough to write it down and face the calorie count?). If it works that well for controlling eating, just think how learning to focus could help in other parts of your life. I often catch myself skipping three steps beyond where I am in an effort to shoehorn more into my day. And when I do that, I lose track of the everyday things that matter most and keep me centered: the pleasure of really hearing the story about losing belly fat my daughter is telling me; the blazing beauty of a winter sunset when I stop long enough to look up from my desk; even the irritation of a store clerk’s rudeness (if I pay attention to what’s bugging me, I can dismiss it; if I don’t, it just pops up again later in a different form).

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Tips on How to Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat FastSHERYL SANCHEZ will spend tonight like millions of other Americans. She’ll chat on the phone for a few minutes about the tips on how to lose belly fat fast, then curl up on the sofa to watch some weight loss channel on TV. She’ll get up and stretch, rummage through the refrigerator for a diet soda, maybe surf the cable channels again to see what else is on. It’s a night like a thousand others. 

Except that tonight, motion detectors mounted near the ceiling will track her every move. Sensors will calculate, moment by moment, precisely how many calories Sanchez is burning-or not burning. Computers will even tell researchers whether those calories come from carbohydrates or fat.

Sanchez wouldn’t mind burning some fat fast. Say, 20 pounds of it. “I’m a little heavier than I should be,” says Sanchez, 28, sitting on the bed while technicians ready the cramped laboratory, called a respiratory chamber, where she’s agreed to spend the next 24 hours. “I’ve been trying to find some tips on belly fat losing ever since my younger son was born. Five years later, I’m still trying.”

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